Nándor Dreisziger Medal

Initiated in 2015, the Nándor Dreisziger Medal is awarded to an academic or a distinguished member of the community for outstanding contributions to Hungarian studies in Canada.

Past recipients include:

  • Prof. Nándor Dreisziger, Emeritus Professor, Royal Military College after whom the award was named
  • (posthumous) Prof. George Bisztray, former Hungarian Chair and Emeritus Professor, University of Toronto
  • Judy Young, former Executive Secretary of the HSAC and founder of the Canada-Hungary Educational Foundation (CHEF)
  • Margit Lovrics, former HSAC Treasurer
  • Dr. Éva Tömöry, former Secretary of the HSAC and Lecturer at the University of Toronto


HSAC members may send in their suggestions for future recipients to the Planning and Nominations Committee currently composed of:

  • Dr. Eva Tomory: eva.tomory@utoronto.ca
  • Prof. Oliver Botar: oliver.botar@umanitoba.ca