Hungarian Studies Review

Hungarian Studies Review is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary academic journal dedicated to publishing humanities and social scientific scholarship on contemporary and historical issues related to Hungary and the surrounding region, and to the Hungarian diaspora. Established in 1974 by the founding editor, Nándor F. Dreisziger, under the title The Canadian-American Review of Hungarian Studies, and published since 1981 under its current title, Hungarian Studies Review is sponsored by the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada and the Hungarian Studies Association based in the United States. It has also been supported in the past by the National Széchényi Library in Hungary.

Hungarian Studies Review is a joint publication of the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada (HSAC) and the Hungarian Studies Association (HSA).

Hungarian Studies Review focuses on social, political, cultural, and historical topics related to Hungary, Austria-Hungary, and the region formerly encompassed by the Habsburg Empire, as well as the global Hungarian diaspora. Our chronological focus is primarily (though not exclusively) the eighteenth century to the present, and we welcome studies that are transnational or comparative in their approach. Disciplinary areas covered include, but are not limited to: history, political science, sociology and anthropology, arts and culture, gender and sexuality studies, minority and nationalism studies, environmental studies, and historical geography.

Beginning in 2021, Hungarian Studies Review will be published twice yearly with Penn State University Press, with issues in July and December.

Membership fees in the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada or the Hungarian Studies Association include a subscription to the journal. Individuals and institutions can also subscribe directly to the journal through PSU Press.

The editors of Hungarian Studies Review encourage submissions of full-length articles as well as proposals for article clusters, forum discussions, roundtables, research reports, photo essays, and book reviews.

For questions regarding submissions and proposals, please contact the Managing Editor, Steven Jobbitt:

Hungarian Studies Review Issues

HSR Vol. XLVI–XLVII (2019-2020)
HSR Vol. XLV, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall, 2018)

HSR Vol. XLIV, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 2017)
HSR Vol. XLIII, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 2016)
HSR Vol. XLI, Nos. 1-2 (Spring-Fall 2014)
HSR Vol. XL, No. 2 (Fall 2013)
HSR vol. XL No 1, 2013 Special Issue
HSR vol. XXXXIX, Nos 1-2, 2012 Issue
HSR vol. XXXVI, Nos 1-2, 2009 Special Issue

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