Snapshots from the 2019 Conference at the University of British Columbia

We are pleased to share with you a few snapshots of our 2019 Conference at the University of British Columbia, held on June 1-3, 2019. HSAC’s annual conference was characterized by dynamic panel and roundtable discussions, a joint event with McGill-Queen’s University Press exploring the book How It Happened and new insights into the Holocaust in Hungary, as well as a special lecture on the subject. We also saw the keen participation of graduate students at this year’s conference. The papers covered a wide array of topics, from late nineteenth and early twentieth century history to memory and identity in the post-Communist period, as well as theatre, folk art, art history, and an engaging discussion on the state of art, scholarship and Hungarian studies in the contemporary world.

Annual HSAC dinner — at Sage Bistro – Ideas Lounge, UBC.
Joint HSAC – McGill-Queen’s University Press discussion of How It Happened: Documenting the Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry.
Prof. Éva Forgacs presents the keynote address: ““Hidden in Plain Sight: The Little Known Hungarian Avant-Garde and Neo-Avant-Garde.”
Ilona Sándor, Treasurer of the Hungarian Studies Association of Canada.
HSAC President Steven Jobbitt.
Prof. Agatha Schwartz: “Communicating a Transnational Narrative about Historical Trauma through the Medium of Film: Márta Mészáros’s Aurora Borealis – Északi fény”
Prof. Gyöngyi Heltai: “Transcultural Conversations about the Budapest Operetta Industry.”
Prof. András Göllner — “Ilona Duczynska: From the Garden of The Woman from Trieste to Breakfast with Lenin at the Smolny Institute.”
Zsofia Opra- Szabo and Gergely Ivasko — “The Hungarian Amateur Theatre Movement in Canada/North America.”
Prof. Judit Gábos – ““Silenced Melodies: The Jewish Presence in Maramures and its Musical Testimony as Reflected in the Collection and Work of Max Eisikovits”
HSAC 2019 conference.